The Gold of Lapland family welcomes you to the North of Sweden! We are a membership owned destination, displaying adventures in the Great North. Maybe you came here because you saw our movies? Get in touch with our members on this page and learn more about their amazing activities. Deep forests, adventure and freedom await you. Get inspired and discover Lapland - this is us!

What’s up with Lapland?

While the winters are freezing cold and absolutely breathtaking – full of northern lights and snow -, the summers are warm and never ending  – you see, the sun never sets. Europe’s last remaining wilderness area and home to Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sami: that’s Lapland!


Is it easy to travel to Lapland?

There are many ways in, but the facts can not be denied, it’s pretty far up north. Still, by car, by airplane or train, you will reach your destination and we promise it will be worth it – read more


What’s the food like?

Fermented herring, cloudberries and reindeer beef jerky – well there is alot to try and don’t be scared, it’s all delicious. The Swedish Cuisine offers clean tastes and local ingredients. In Lapland, the focus on game meat is big, but local veggies and berries are highly exotic as well – read more


What’s the occasion?

Whilst in Sweden, make sure you don’t miss out on the holidays! The Lucia feast, Christmas on the 24th of December and Midsummer’s Eve. There are plenty of unic holidays to discover – read more



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