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The Gold of Lapland Association works actively towards strengthening the region’s tourism with the specific aim of raising visitor numbers and increasing the turnovers of its member organisations. Being a member allows organisations to participate in the association’s regular activities and take an active role in project funded regional development.

Gold of Lapland is currently responsible for the authorized tourist information offices in Norsjö and Lycksele where visitors will find a wealth of information about each area and beyond and plenty of inspiration for things to do. Friendly staff can also help with booking accommodation and activities. Please do pay us a visit, you will be made very welcome. The Lycksele office is open throughout the year and the Norsjö office through the summer season (please see the current opening hours in the column on the right). Our knowledgeable staff are up-to-date on every event that’s happening and can point you towards those special spots that will make your visit so memorable. Calling in to the offices also affords you the perfect opportunity to browse shelves packed with the latest brochures, maps and souvenirs.

About the Gold of Lapland Association

Gold of Lapland stands on three main pillars: to assist and support its member organisations, to provide tourist information and carry out project-funded development.

It does this by running the region’s tourist information service and being responsible for the development of the local tourism industry. As such, it has a duty is to upgrade staff skills and act as an inspirational marketing platform for members, helping them to make new contacts, conduct business and increase turnover.

Potential tourist markets covered include all of Sweden, Finnish Österbotten, northern Norway and the Netherlands.


Feel free to get in touch on +46 (0)918-331 10 or by e-mailing To contact an individual member of staff then please use the following:

Karin Fällman, Managing director and INTILL Project Manager

Cecilia Wallinder, Destination developer, Communicator of Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka, Manager of Norsjö Tourist Office

Felicia Morén, Destination developer

Marino Carlsson, Destination developer and Manager of Lycksele Tourist Information Office

Floriane Colonnier, Destination developer

Gold of Lapland
Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden
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