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About Gold of Lapland

Gold of Lapland, your next destination of choice, is located in the north of Västerbotten county filled with a wide range of destinations, sights and activities. An almost endless range of combinations means there is something for everyone and to suit all tastes.

We can help you to plan a travel itinerary which will guide you through your very own voyage of discovery.
Much of what waits to be found is unique, whether it is the area’s fascinating industrial history, the production of Västerbotten cheese or the wonderful people who have come together, to create Gold of Lapland.
We guarantee that your visit will be filled with surprises and that you will discover your favourite part of the world. On leaving, you will take with you memories that will last a life time.
Gold of Lapland is an association, jointly owned by more than 85 companies and aimed at promoting them to a wider marketplace. Membership is open to all businesses in the region with the aim of promoting the area as a popular place to visit. Tourism not only benefits companies involved in the tourism industry, but the rest of the local economy as well.
As a visitor, we welcome you to Gold of Lapland and as a business, we invite you to become a partner in Gold of Lapland.

Gold of Lapland
Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden
Region Västerbotten